Argos’ ABECAS Insight software is both flexible and modular.

Start with the basics and add on as you are ready. Not sure where to start? Contact us! We’ll ask you a series of questions and make recommendations based on your business needs and the experiences of our existing customers. See below for more suggestions.

Getting Started with Argos Software

Typically, companies start with one or two of their industry-specific modules along with the ABECAS Insight Core System that includes:

  • Financials
  • Task agent automation
  • Identity, and
  • Reporting – with more than 1,200 standard and customizable reports.

Since all business transactions have an accounting effect, the core system’s full-featured, financial accounting system gives you the power to better understand and manage your business and track costs.  Even if you are using a different system for your accounting, ABECAS will provide valuable insights as well as make it easy to transfer data to your system of record, either manually or automatically.

Read more about the advantages of  Cost Accounting and Fund Accounting included with ABECAS Insight, and why an integrated accounting system is the answer to boosting your business productivity.

What modules are best for your company?

Contact us to discuss your business needs. If there’s a fit, we’ll make recommendations and offer a free demo based on our conversation.