The Service Management module in ABECAS Insight is a flexible, fully-featured, multi-level service billing and route scheduling system.

Integrated with Core Accounting and other modules, Service Management will give you a complete system to improve your service and assist you in your accounting and financial management.

  • Service requests can be entered quickly by service unit or by customer
  • Changes and updates to the requests can be made at any time
  • Proposals can be written and then converted into service units for continuing service agreements

Service Management is designed to provide easy entry for service requests, generate service orders, and do repetitive billing. You may have numerous billing units for each customer, at separate locations. Multiple fixed charges may be generated for each unit. Each charge code may be priced with up to six different set prices to meet your billing needs. Service charges can be entered for a one-time billing that is completely separate from the fixed charges for each unit.

Service requests can become service orders with an accompanying checklist of instructions. This checklist may be the same or different for each unit, and, in turn, may tie in with the inventory in the Supplies Inventory, Parts Inventory, or Inventory Management modules. Service work may be entered into the service order as it is performed. This lets you bill the service charges either at that time or later in a batch.

The Service Request Management component allows requests to be received over the web, imported, entered by an operator, or automatically generated based on a service schedule.  Requests can be prioritized based on the customer’s expectations as well as by company policy.   These requests may be assigned to a support worker individually or in groups … or, simply handled by the operator.  In each case, added details, expectations, and priority can be added to the request as it is passed to the worker.  All open requests can be managed by priority, status, worker, and more.  All contact and work details can be recorded as the request is serviced.  Management reporting is available on all activity performed.  This can be further enhanced by dashboard panels related to exception alerts and the tracking of key performance indicators (KPI’s).

The Service Billing component comprises fixed, usage, and service charges.  The Service Unit can be set up as an address, an individual, a piece of equipment, and so on with one or multiple Service Units being associated with a single Bill To Party.  Each Service Unit can also be associated with the party being serviced, often a user or resident.

  • The fixed charges can be set to apply based on a wide array of factors and for any interval.  The rate tables can be single rates or tiered.  Taxes and other charges can be applied
  • The usage charges are based on meter readings or calculated consumption.  The rate tables can be single rates, tiered, and/or comprise a mix of fixed and usage charges.  Taxes and other charges can be applied.
  • The service charges are based on the services provided, as reported by the worker, or based on a pre-set rate.  If inventories are consumed in the service, then the service charges are billed through the Sales and Order Management module.

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