Why Argos

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Affordable, Flexible Business Software

Your business must be flexible to satisfy your customers. Shouldn’t your business software be as well? For a truly flexible software solution, ABECAS Insight from Argos Software is a completely modular system. You select the capabilities you need today to run your business and add modules later as your company grows or your needs change.

Argos offers:

  • All the best features and benefits of a top-tier software package but without the huge price tag.
  • Software developed by people who understand your business.
  • A flexible enterprise management software (EMS) solution that is customizable to your company.

Plus, you only pay for the software you need. That’s why your company needs ABECAS Insight Software from Argos.

Is Your Company a Fit?

ABECAS Insight is the best software for running an SMB business with at least 5 users or a division of a larger company with 500 users, that sells to or services other businesses. In most cases, company leadership has a focus or desire to better understand and control costs as a path to increased profitability. Data-driven and/or transaction-based companies especially appreciate the strong and tightly integrated financial tools. Read more about the Activity-Based Enterprise Cost Accounting System (ABECAS) that is at the heart of our software.

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It’s Our People

When your company is ready for EMS software, it’s not a fast, off-the-shelf purchase. There’s a lot to consider in making sure you are choosing an affordable, flexible business software solution to meet your needs.

You can count on Argos’s dedicated and experienced employees to ask the right questions and to provide expert guidance. With their help, you’ll select from our pre-integrated systems and/or dozens of modules and interfaces to build your best system ever. And we’ll be with you all the way. Read about our implementation process.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Watch the customer videos on this page to learn what our customers think about implementing and using ABECAS Insight from Argos Software.