At Argos Software, we’re dedicated to providing the best WMS system software and growers software for businesses in our specialized vertical markets:

warehouse racks with cartons

3rd Party Logistics:

Fulfillment, Kitting, 3PL Billing.

greenhouse production


Nurseries, Greenhouses, and Growers.

Asset Based Trucking:

Fleet and Equipment Management.



Single or Multiple locations.


Cannabis Businesses:

Comprehensive traceability from cultivation to customer

worker in a cold storage warehouse wearing a jacket

Cold Storage:

Temperature Monitoring and Space Efficiency.

We offer both industry-specific and general software modules to meet a wide variety of business requirements, all built atop a financial accounting core. This modular approach allows us to provide fully integrated solutions that meet the degree of functionality needed for your business today and in the future. We also partner with best-of-breed providers.

The features built into Argos Software with ABECAS Insight:

  • Define your own menus, screen labels, data names, and add your own hints/help.
  • Define your own search criteria and sequencing of records and codes.
  • Integration of e-mail, and file export capabilities into all reports and forms.
  • Automatic generation and distribution of reports, forms, and EDI documents.
  • Connect field personnel, such as drivers and salespeople, directly to your system by phone.
  • Automatic notification of exceptions based on defined alerts.
  • Integrate RF, Windows CE-based handheld & other remote access technology into your applications.
  • Integrate other programs (mileage, rating, GIS, routing, document storage, etc) into the system.

The benefits associated with these features are potentially enormous:

  • Faster data entry and reduced errors.
  • Quicker training of staff once it is set up.
  • Terminology that relates specifically to you and your trading partners.
  • Ready access to information on your terms both internally and externally.
  • Integration of your data directly with third-party software.