Our Team

Sean Sullivan


Sean brings strong management and operational experience to his role at Argos Software. He has been with FOG Software Group for 16 years, most recently heading up Logimax, another WMS software company, while running the support department for Friedman Corporation, a large ERP that is also part of FOG Software.

Sean has both direct and management experience across many departments including customer support and services, project management, quality control, customer relations, and software development.

Sean earned his degree in Operation Management Information Systems at Northern Illinois University. In his spare time, he enjoys playing semi-professional soccer and exploring the outdoors with his family.

Lukas Macedo

Head of Product Development

Lukas joined Argos Software in 2005 as a software architect, working on the design of various products and subsystems used in ABECAS Insight such as the ABECAS Insight .Net Client, RF, ART, Mobile App with Azure, and more.

In his current role as Product Development Manager and software architect, Lukas is responsible for planning and designing the new features that will be incorporated into ABECAS Insight and overseeing the work of the development team.

Lukas balances work and his young family while also taking time out to run, read science fiction, and play weekly virtual ping pong matches with his brother in Brazil.

Ali Al-Abbasi

Head of Business Development

Ali has more than 20 years of experience in the software industry—both in Europe and in the United States. His background includes sales, technical consulting, and customer support. Since 2015 he has been with Argos Software, managing the inside and outside sales operations.

Ali’s primary goal is to expand the business by identifying companies that can benefit from Argos Software and by helping existing customers extract more value from the software. He sees his mission as making sure that value is being delivered to customers by listening to their needs, and by ensuring Argos’ developers understand how to best meet their requirements.

Ali works closely with the Development, Support, and Professional Services team members to communicate customer requirements that improve the product and to make sure deliverables are met on time and on budget.

Outside of work, Ali enjoys reading and hiking and has a passion for restoring old cars.

Stephen Livingstone

Head of Professional Services

Before joining Argos Software, Stephen was the logistics manager for over 20 years for one of the large young plant growers in North America. In this capacity, he oversaw the domestic and international delivery of live plants to thousands of customers across North America–both with the long-haul trucking company he managed and through the use of small package delivery companies. During this time, he wrote and implemented software for many aspects of the business.

Stephen has a passion for setting up systems that both empower people and help make their lives easier. He is a team player who loves to see others excel.

In his spare time, Stephen is a hobby farmer and beekeeper.