Privacy Policy

The following information is provided by Argos Software, a division of Argos, Inc., to disclose our privacy practices. Questions and comments concerning this Privacy Policy may be directed to our webmaster. The following information pertains to all of the Argos Software web sites:,,,,,, and any other web sites that may be used by Argos Software from time to time.

1. What information of yours does Argos Software collect?
Argos Software collects information from its web sites by these methods: (1) Visitors filling out information on the Information Request page, (2) Visitors signing the guest book that is on our sites, (3) Registration for various workshops, programs or file downloads from a site, (5) Access to specific product demonstration sites, and (6) Basic internet information including IP address, browser type, time and date of visit.

Argos Software has several links to third-party sites on its Links page. Information may be collected by these sites when clicking on a link there or using one of the search functions. What information is collected by these organizations is not known by Argos Software.

From time to time Argos Software uses a hit counter from another organization to count visitors to our sites. The basic Internet information is included in this collection for purposes of information.

2. What organization is collecting the information?
The data you provide at any Internet domain owned by Argos Software is collected by Argos Software. No other organization is privy to this information. However, when you use a link on our links page, what ever information you enter there, may be used by the organization linked to.
The web site has been used on occasion to provide “hit” information. It is not currently being used, but may be used from time to time.

No other information entered at any other place on our site is shared with any of these organizations.

3. How is the information used?
The information collected by Argos Software is used mainly to supply our visitors with information upon request. This information may be supplied through telephone contact, e-mail or fax, or literature through the regular mail. This contact mainly occurs because of a submission of a request for information. On occasion, a follow up contact may be conducted due to a guest book entry.
When a visitor accesses a site for a file download and needs to “login” to access that site, the information collected is used to allow access and to provide information to Argos Software as to who was doing the download.

Occasionally the hit information is collected to gauge the amount of traffic a site attracts and the time of day that the usages occur.

4. With whom is the collected information shared?
The information collected on any of the Argos Software web sites is only shared internally, except as noted above in number 2.