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Enterprise Management Software for
3PLs, Transportation, Growers, and Growing Businesses

Argos Software ABECAS Insight is, at its heart, a cost accounting system. If you want to understand what it costs you to:

  • Buy it

  • Make it

  • Assemble it

  • Grow it
  • Import it

  • Service it

  • Pack it

  • Store it

  • Move it

  • Sell it

  • Ship it

  • Bill it

You need one system that tracks every cost. Whether you are a manufacturer or a distributor, costs add up. Argos Software helps you keep track of all your costs and helps you understand your business in a new way. A more realistic and profitable way. Because every business activity has a cost, Activity Based Enterprise Costing System (ABECAS) is the Insight your business needs.

Works well with customization and its very good at tracking inventory.

Leo Villanueva, Sunridge Nursery

Does a great job managing the ins and outs of a business

Denver, CO

We were the first installation of ABECAS Insight, and it has been a pleasure to see the maturation of the product into the heartbeat of our daily operations.

Charles Kuhl, McKay Nursery

The software is extremely flexible.

Marci Stahl, Ohio Logistics

Argos provides excellent support and understands our needs.

Juan Sandi, Command Logistic Services

ABECAS Insight Modules

Learn more about the power of Argos Software’s Business Management Software – with the modules you need to enhance and
empower your operations.


An activity-based cost accounting system captures your true business costs so you are more profitable

Cost Accounting

Optimize your business by reducing waste, losses, and inefficiencies. Our cost accounting method provides the detailed cost information that businesses need to control their current operations and plan for the future.

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Our dynamic sales management system easily turns quotes into orders, orders into customer invoices.


Order Management tracks your costs, commissions, and profits on every order. It combines your pricing and product availability from Inventory with customer data from Accounts Receivable, for a fully integrated and flexible system.

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Track products from before they are received until they've left your facility...and every location in between.


Inventory is a core function of ABECAS Insight, offering location control, product status, and real-time visibility for customers. Sublot and serial number traceability, RF/EDI integration, cycle counting, or full-stock inventory support.

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The tools you need if you own, lease, or operate facilities, machinery, equipment, and/or fleets.


Manage schedules, resources, costs, and invoicing with reporting and native integration with both accounting and payroll. Track assets, expenses, fuel, and mileage taxes. Generate work orders; manage preventative maintenance and repairs.

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