The Best 3PL Warehouse Software for Third-Party Logistics Providers


The core of any 3PL business is handling products not owned by the company. This makes 3PL warehouse software unique and different from typical WMS software that is designed for captive warehouses and company distribution centers.

WMS vs. 3PL-specific Warehouse Management Software

Many warehouse management systems promote themselves to 3pl companies. But, having a system that supports inventory management and order processing is not enough. True third-party logistics software systems need much more.

A system designed for a private warehouse will not provide the multiple levels of billing you need, nor adequately handle the value-add services you provide for products not owned by you. Reporting needs are different too, and the requirements to capture and display KPIs or provide process visibility often exceed those of a manufacturer or distributor. The answer is software designed for 3PL warehouses specifically.

Key Differentiators for 3PLs: Transactions and Storage Billing

How the software handles transactions and storage billing is critical to understand before purchasing a warehouse system for your 3PL. This is especially important if you have different services for different customers. Some, for example, might be charged straightforward in-and-out transaction fees while others may require your team to break open cases and ship at the item level. Some may contract your services for assembly, kitting, or other value-add activities.

Storage billing at a private warehouse is also quite different than for a public warehouse. As a third-party logistics provider, you might offer a range of options such as Bill Ahead, Bill Behind, Free Days, and Grace Periods. With 3PL warehouse software from Argos, these and many other requirements unique to your business are easily handled by the system.

A Visible Difference

Businesses today require visibility to accurate and timely information.

  • Of and for suppliers
  • Within the facility
  • For customers

ABECAS Insight’s 3PL Warehouse Management software provides the industry’s most powerful visibility tools:

  • Secure web portals
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Systems interfaces
  • EDI
  • Automated reports

With ABECAS Insight, you have the inventory and cost management tools you need in a solution that is designed for your company and the way you work.

Whether you are a general distribution, temperature-controlled, Haz-Mat, or value-add service provider, ABECAS Insight’s 3PL Warehouse Management Software from Argos is the right solution for your operation.

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