Comprehensive Software for Trucking and Freight Management

If your company trucks products for hire, you need a proven transportation and freight management system (TMS software) that understands your business. Since 1984, Argos Software’s trucking and freight management system has been relied upon by:

  • “For hire” carriers
  • Contract carriers
  • Freight forwarders
  • Freight brokers

Offering truckload, LTL, container, refrigerated, agricultural, tanker, bulk, pneumatic, specialized/heavy haulers, riggers, dump, auto, truck, messenger services, and last-mile delivery. Some of our clients are completely local while others are exclusively long haul, with most in between.

Why trucking and freight management software?
Over the years, your trucking business has become more regulated and more complicated. At the same time, Argos Software’s Trucking and Freight Management System with ABECAS Insight has evolved to help you run your business more easily and more profitably. Our streamlined and integrated software solution includes trucking industry-related modules covering a wide range of functionality that can be used together or separately:

  • Order entry
  • Dispatching
  • Resource (truck, trailer, driver) tracking
  • Mobile messaging and communications
  • Trip building and control
  • Freight billing
  • Fuel taxes
  • Settlements processing (driver/contractor/carrier)
  • Rating

These industry-specific modules are tightly integrated with

  • Financial and accounting software
  • Payroll
  • Equipment and facilities management
  • Warehouse management

The built-in flexibility of our modular software design means you only buy the modules your business needs now, with the option to add others as your business grows or your needs change. We don’t require you, for example, to use the dispatching module. Some companies primarily use our trucking and freight management software for billing, settlements, and account receivables. Others like the Activity-Based Costing cost accounting method built into ABECAS Insight that makes it easy to charge accurately for wait time.

For captive fleets, we have APIs and web-based connectivity for your in-cab computing hardware and fuel cards. If your company uses independent contractors, either seasonally or year-round, you may not want to incur the time and cost of installing bulky communications devices in their trucks or vans. Our Mobile Driver Module offers real-time connectivity, tracking, routing, signature capture, EDI, ELD, and more on any Android smartphone or tablet — so your business can move faster and farther.

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