ABECAS stands for Activity-Based Enterprise Cost Accounting Software.

This highly flexible system has a number of modules that can be deployed in the right combination to best support your business. We offer individual and pre-integrated modules as ABECAS Insight Systems ready to take your business to the next level.

Since all business transactions have an accounting effect, the heart of ABECAS Insight is a full-featured, financial accounting system that gives you the power to better understand and manage your business and track costs.  

ABECAS Insight supports both accruals- and cash-basis general ledger (GL) reporting, activity-based costing, tax reporting, customer sales analysis, and more. Even if you are using a different system for your accounting, ABECAS will provide valuable insights and make it easy to transfer operational and sales data to your system of record, either manually or automatically.

The ABECAS Insight Core System includes the Financial and Management Accounting system modules listed below, Task Agent Automation, and Contact Management.

Financial and Management Accounting

The ABECAS Insight Financial and Management Accounting System includes the following modules. These are all available individually or at a special system price:

Financial Accounting, General Ledger (GL). Departmental accounting software with strong audit trails, accrual- and cash-basis reporting, bank account reconciliation, and budgeting. Read more.

Cost Accounting. Activity-based costing for jobs, products, customers, and projects. Allows flexible allocation of overhead and other costs like wait time. Fully integrated with GL. Learn more about Cost Accounting in ABECAS.

Accounts Receivable. An open-items AR system for managing customer activity and collecting payments. Can automatically calculate finance charges; issues statements and overdue notices as needed. Read more about AR in ABECAS.

Accounts Payable. An open-voucher AP system to manage your liabilities to best satisfy your creditors and conserve cash. Provides both cash-basis and accrual-basis accounting entries to the GL. Read more about AP in ABECAS.

Additional Financial/Accounting Modules

Sales Order Management

The ABECAS Sales and Order Management System includes the following modules, available individually or at a special system price:

Order Management. Quotes can be turned into orders, orders updated to invoices or entered as direct sales.

Inventory Management. Keeps track of your stock, immediately adjusts quantities when orders are placed, enables automated replenishment.

Contact Management. Holds all customer information, including credit limits.

Purchase Orders for purchasing and reordering inventory

Process, Pack, and Ship module for preparing and sending orders.

Often combined with: ABECAS Financial and Management Accounting System (General Ledger, Cost Accounting, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable) and our Payroll module for a dynamic and fully integrated sales and financial accounting system.

Additional Sales Order Options and Modules

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