The Parts Inventory (PI) module in ABECAS Insight is a full-featured parts inventory management system. It allows you to manage your parts, including making requisitions and issuing purchase orders.

PI works directly with the Equipment and Facilities Management (EM) module or the Farm and Equipment (FE) Management module, providing cost and part number information for your vehicles. It also integrates with the Repair Management (RM) module, giving you visibility of both scheduled and unscheduled service requests and allowing you to match these requests to your resources.

Generate requisitions and purchase orders manually or automatically based on inventory levels, cost product at last cost, standard cost, average cost, or any of the previous with a markup. Work orders can be built based on a single vehicle or facility, or in a relevant combination. Parts, labor, equipment, and outside (sublet) charges can be tracked and billed. Parts are managed with location tracking to five levels.

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