What if your software could read your mind?

The leading users of ABECAS Insight have (literally) hundreds of routine processes that are accomplished via the software’s Task Agent (TA).

Users are automating timed tasks like:

  • Emailing accounting reports to external accountants
  • Emailing invoices to customers at the end of each day
  • Printing or emailing AR aging reports.
  • Generating daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports

Users are also triggering some data-driven tasks, like:

  • Printing BOLs
  • Faxing or emailing transaction confirmations to customers at every stage
  • Validating pricing and tax codes
  • Running and emailing item availability reports to your sales team

The common theme with all heavy users of Task Agent is efficiency. Users are reducing labor, delivering information on time, and improving service levels to both internal and external customers. With TA, your companyʼs response to customers is improved and the labor to accomplish this is reduced!

Task Agent is a core component of the ABECAS Insight system, not an add-on, and does not consume licenses. For those with in-house expertise, there is no cost associated with this component, apart from training expenses. For those who prefer to have us create Task Agent jobs for them, there are only the costs associated with the set-up and testing of the tasks.

Consider how many of your company’s processes can be automated and how much time you can save with Argos Software.

ABECAS Insight’s Task Agent is a built-in tool to improve your efficiency while reducing your labor input and boosting your service levels. Our professional services team can help you identify additional processes to automate. Then join the growing number of users who have Task Agent perform their mundane tasks.

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