Control the purchasing process by issuing a purchase order with the Purchase Order (PO) module in ABECAS Insight.

POs help ensure the correct product is being purchased at favorable pricing from reputable vendors. A structured process of issuing purchase orders also helps protect your company from fraud and abuse, whether by unscrupulous vendors or others within the organization.

The ABECAS Insight Purchase Order Management module (PO) allows you to manage your purchases of inventory items in the Inventory Management module (IM), Supplies Inventory module (SI), Parts Inventory module (PI), and with non-inventory items to obtain the benefits mentioned above.

Key features of the PO module include:

  • Inventory Items can be flagged with re-ordering information that allows reordering to be automated through automatic requisition creation.
  • Inventory items can be cross-referenced to preferred vendors that allow requisitions to automatically select vendors.
  • Re-order information can be viewed prior to creating requisitions in report format.
  • Requisitions for inventory and non-inventory products can be entered manually.
  • Requisitions can be reviewed and amended as required prior to converting them to purchase orders.
  • Purchase orders can be automatically generated from requisitions or manually created without requisitions.
  • Product receipts can be managed with or without prior purchase order creation.
  • Inventory cost information is updated upon receipt. The accounting transactions relating to the purchase come from the Vendor Code table and the Item Code table in the Identity (ID) module (included in CORE system).
  • Invoices based on receipts can be automatically posted to the Accounts Payable (AP) module (included in CORE system).
  • Purchase backorders are automatically supported.
  • The ability to review open and historical purchase orders through reports is easy and comprehensive.
  • Automated data capture devices are supported in batch or real-time.

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