Cost Accounting Software

The Cost Accounting Software module is an Activity Based Costing (ABC) system that integrates with all ABECAS™ Insight modules. It shares the Accounting records with the General Ledger Software and Fund Accounting modules so that all accounting records, either internal or external, automatically update all three modules. The accounting structure is easily mapped to your business processes and requirements. This module provides a comprehensive repository of all job information and is a valuable resource as you evaluate the profitability and performance of each job and its components.

The Cost Accounting Software builds out from Jobs or any unit of management responsibility as defined by you, such as cost center, project, process, contract, location, product, work order, or year/season. They can start and end at any time and last for as long as needed. The accounting periods for each Cost Accounting Job can cross Fiscal Years based on the period applicable to the Job. In many cases, they are tracked on a calendar year basis regardless of fiscal year. By classifying each Job by multiple criteria, reports may be displayed individually or summarized by one or more of these criteria.


  • The Cost Accounting Software module provides full Activity Based Costing (ABC) across the enterprise with minimal additional effort as part of the Accounting system.
  • Powerful yet flexible management reporting … with unique summarizing abilities
  • Cellular analysis based on your own groupings/divisors/accounts/periods
  • Uses the same Accounting records as General Ledger and Fund Accounting
  • Multi-dimensional Job information … by Job, Account, Activity, and Period
  • Jobs may cross Departments and Funds, if applicable
  • Activities can be used to track tasks, phases, operations, processes
  • Accounts may be in more detail than in the General Ledger … allowing specific inputs or products to be tracked and yet summarized in the GL
  • Tracks quantity. Important for analysis, decision making, and per unit calculations
  • Budgeting at any level of detail, including by Fiscal Period
  • Process to transfer amounts between Jobs and to Work-In-Process
  • Complete details behind each account plus an audit trail behind each detail
  • Journal entries can be made just to the Cost Accounting Software, if required
  • Email, fax or print reports automatically through Task Agent or manually
  • Ad hoc reporting with ASCII/Excel® file export