The Sales and Order Management module in ABECAS Insight is a full-featured sales and financial accounting management system that includes order entry and invoicing.

With OM and ABECAS Insight, you can enter and manage quotes, contracts, and other pricing arrangements. A core component of the Enterprise software solution, it includes:

Orders, agreements, and quotes are easily entered and managed. Agreements and quotes can be turned into orders through a quick and easy process. Orders may be updated to an invoice at any time, or an invoice may be entered directly for counter sales or “back room” sales.

Pricing and the availability of products are accessed through the Inventory Management module and all customer information, including credit limits, is through the interface to Accounts Receivable (included).

The Order Management module also interfaces with Freight Billing to create freight bills, and shipment dispatch, for generated orders.

As orders are entered, you automatically relieve inventory from Inventory Management. Print picking slips, bills of lading, pallet tags, mailing labels, and invoicing. If you are a brokerage, the system maintains for you a running profit margin by item ordered and transaction totals.

Order Management will manage back orders or substitute items. Invoicing is based on pricing information maintained at the item level, customer level, or entered manually. You may also calculate and bill for freight services and enter settlement information to the carrier.

Popular add-on modules include Contact Management and Signature Capture.

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