The ABECAS Insight Core Accounting System consists of the following modules at a special system price:

Core Accounting

  • Financial Accounting, General Ledger (GL). Departmental accounting software with strong audit trails, accrual- and cash-basis reporting, bank account reconciliation, and budgeting.
  • Cost Accounting. Activity-based costing for jobs, products, customers, and projects. Allows flexible allocation of overhead and other costs like wait time. Fully integrated with GL. Learn more about Cost Accounting in ABECAS Insight.
  • Fund Accounting. Companion General Ledger software module used for tracking fund sources and uses, or to provide an alternate view of your business by departments or location.
  • Accounts Receivable. An open-items AR system for managing customer activity and collecting payments. Can automatically calculate finance charges; issues statements and overdue notices as needed.
  • Accounts Payable. An open-voucher AP system to manage your liabilities to best satisfy your creditors and conserve cash. Provides both cash-basis and accrual-basis accounting entries to the GL.

Task Agent Automation

Identity Module

  • The Identity module maintains a “single point of truth” for your contact records and their applicable codes for payment terms, sales taxes, and more.

Standard Reports

  • ABECAS Insight comes with over 1,200 standard and customizable reports. Learn more about our Data Management Tools.


Additional Financial/Accounting Modules are available to extend your system. These include:

  • Payroll. From time cards to tax withholdings, this module manages your salaried and hourly employees, tracks accruals, manages advances, and distributes costs as needed.
  • Human Resources. Track training, certifications, drug testing, safety violations, disciplinary actions, and other topics that you define to give you a complete view of your workforce.
  • AR Web portal. A secure online portal for working with vendors and customers.
  • Settlement Payments. A payables module for contractors and/or employees whom you pay based on your invoicing or jobs, such as contractors or those who receive commissions.
  • Foreign Exchange. Easily convert foreign amounts into your local currency.
  • Purchase Orders. Generate POs and monitor expenses.
  • Rating. A multi-dimensional ratings calculator for freight shippers.
  • Rental Billing. For tracking and managing the billing for equipment rentals.
  • Inter Company. For transferring transactions between your companies.

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