Our Flexible Software

ABECAS Insight software and services are built and delivered around a core base of tools. These tools give you the power to better understand and manage your business and track your costs for greater profitability and growth.

ABECAS stands for Activity-Based Enterprise Cost Accounting Software. The software is a fully featured, financial accounting system ideal for small- and medium-sized companies as well as for divisions of larger companies. It’s for all businesses that are data- and transaction-driven and that require strong financial tools.

Over the years, working with customers in a range of industries, Argos’ software and services group has built out comprehensive solutions for a range of industries yet all on the same flexible and modular base. That means you don’t overpay for software that you aren’t going to use.  

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Our Professional Services Team

Argos professional services staff consistently receives high marks in our annual customer surveys. We know that having the best software isn’t enough without the knowledge to install it, to adapt it to your business requirements, and to ensure your team is well trained. 

We believe support is an important key to your satisfaction with our software and services. Our support program includes:

  • Help Desk Support
  • Regular Software Updates
  • Support Portal Access
  • E-Support Notifications
  • Invitations to User Event

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