Easily manage your business’s payroll with the ABECAS Insight Payroll module.

The Payroll module allows you to:

  • Enter or import time cards
  • Manage advances
  • Pay employees
  • Track taxes, deductions, and contributions
  • Distribute the cost of labor and equipment for financial and cost accounting purposes.

It handles salaried and hourly employees, including piece rate, guarantees, bonuses, special payments, and holiday pay. It also allows you to track employee accruals, including vacation, sick leave, and other leave.

The Payroll module can integrate with just the CORE Accounting Software modules or with other ABECAS Insight modules.

For example, it can receive time details from the Equipment and Facilities module, deductions from Accounts Payable, and other pay/deductions for employees from the Settlements Processing module. It can pass information to Accounts Payable and Accounting Software. It integrates with the Human Resources module to allow you to track training, certifications, drug testing, safety violations, disciplinary actions, and other topics defined by you that are important or required.


  • Time detail entry by individual or work crew with hours and pieces
  • Timecard details can be imported from a spreadsheet or other systems
  • Equipment used by each employee can be entered with the time card
  • Salaried employees can be expensed based on hours or a pre-defined distribution
  • Advances and Deductions can be accounted for as they are incurred and recovered over one or multiple payrolls
  • Minimum wages and overtime can be automatically checked and calculated
  • Holiday, bonus, and special payments can be calculated and included
  • Tax calculations can be based on one or multiple taxing authorities
  • Payment may be by check or direct deposit to one or more bank accounts
  • An electronic file can be generated for the bank based on pay amounts
  • Termination checks can be easily calculated and printed
  • Integrates with Participant Settlement module for paying employees
  • Charge out of labor to the Accounting based on regular and overtime hours with a payroll burden for employer costs, non-productive time, holidays, and overhead
  • Charge equipment to the user’s Department/Job by Activity based on a standard charge-out rate. The equipment is credited with providing the service.
  • Annually updated tax tables for Federal and State withholdings
  • Electronic filing of W2’s, if desired
  • Vacation and other accruals are calculated and tracked, including usage history
  • Pay Rate security down to the employee level (controls access to pay rates)
  • Multiple analytical and management reports, including user-definable report capabilities.

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