RF (Radio Frequency) is the globally recognized term referring to the application of barcode scanner software technology within a warehouse environment. This has now been incorporated into a push for Mobility. As devices and networks have become more sophisticated the use of barcode scanner software and mobile computing has expanded. Whether it is in connected (real-time) or custom-built batch applications, the use of field data capture devices is exploding.

Today’s businesses need efficiency to overcome low margins. Receiving, Picking, Shipping and moving stock are all tasks that require accurate and fast data entry to stay abreast of a real-time requirement.

Even where ‘paper’ makes sense in the business process, the power of the Barcode can speed order entry and reduce transcription and data entry errors. Printing barcoded reports and other documents allow scanning technology to accurately retrieve information from ABECAS Insight for rapid confirmation or modification. Utilizing Android or Windows-based, forklift-mounted, or mobile devices mean the functionality is only restricted by your imagination.

Need a portable Signature Capture device? Argos Software has the technology you need. No more searching for signed documents, ABECAS Insight can automatically email or fax signed documents, straight from the system, without operator intervention.

ABECAS Insight can not only scan and interpret your barcodes, it can create them. Utilizing embedded report generation tools or ABECAS Insight’s Advanced Reporting tool, you can create your own labels and documents. If you are using EDI, these documents can be generated automatically, a true ‘never enter’ capability of the powerful Event Scheduler integrated into Argos Software.

Working with our Development Partners, we bring the speed and accuracy of data capture through scanning to you. Have existing equipment? We can work with most existing technologies to deliver the same benefits, supporting your operation in either Batch (disconnected) or Real-Time (connected) modes.

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