The Settlement Payments or Settlements Processing (SP) module is a payables module. It’s ideal for companies with contractors or employees who are paid based on invoicing or jobs.

SP allows you to:

  • Manage employee and non-employee payables
  • Automatically or manually take deductions
  • Maintain a reserve account
  • Automatically calculate payment due over a range of dates or transaction numbers
  • Print a settlement statement
  • Issue checks to non-employee contractors
  • Post payment information to the PR module for employee participants

Settlement information can be entered for participants as you enter transactions in other modules, including Order-, Warehouse-, Freight-, and Service Management. Entering the settlement amount directly against transactions in those modules allows your staff to enter the payable at the point the information is gathered, eliminating a data entry step for many organizations.

The ABECAS Insight Settlements Processing module integrates with a number of other ABECAS Insight Modules.

  • With Freight Management – The participant share information transfers into SP for payment.
  • With Order Management – The commission information transfers into SP for payment.
  • With Payroll – The settlement information for employee participants transfers to payroll where all payroll functionality is brought into play.
  • With Accounts Payable – The payment of charges/deductions for various expenses associated with each participant.
  • With General Ledger – The accounting information transfers to the GL and records the payment of the settlements and the advance and deduction information.
  • With Cost Accounting – The accounting information transfers to CA and records Activity and Job entries.
  • With Fund Accounting – The accounting information transfers to FA and records Fund entries.
  • With Identities – All participant/salesperson codes are maintained in the ID module.

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