The XM – EDI module is an integration tool that allows you to exchange Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) documents with your business partners. It handles the importing and exporting of EDI and other data into and out of ABECAS Insight.

EDI refers to a standard methodology for different computer systems to exchange data. For companies that exchange information regularly with customers or suppliers, or who buy or sell products online, this module is especially important. XM-EDI comes with the full ANSI X12 standard EDI document sets already defined for you. Further, you can modify those standard documents and save the modifications to meet the individual requirements of any trading partner.

Importing files requires additional processing before being imported. The Task Agent tool, included with all ABECAS Insight / Core system software, is used to manage communications with your trading partners and may also be used to trigger the processing of the EDI documents.

The Import-Export (XM) part of the XM-EDI module allows you to import or export information directly to or from the database. This module is particularly useful for importing codes and transactions from other software when you are first implementing ABECAS Insight. It is also very useful for creating documents that will be imported into other applications such as spreadsheets, databases, and word processing documents.

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