Fleet Management Made Easy

Argos Software is proud to communicate with PeopleNet Mobile Communications to bring you electronic logging (eLog) that is both ELD-compliant and easy to use.

Simplified Communication

The advanced interface between Argos ABECAS Insight Transportation Management (TMS) software and PeopleNet allows your dispatchers and drivers to focus more on their jobs and less on the paperwork of communicating load information. When a dispatcher creates a load, all necessary load data is automatically sent to the driver’s in-cab device. In turn, all confirmations, arrivals/departures, and other updates sent in response by the driver are automatically processed by the software. In addition, robust GPS position tracking gives you complete visibility over your entire fleet.

Automatic Exchange

The interface allows load information to be sent automatically to the driver’s in-cab device including origin, address, city, State, destination, information about the goods (weight, pieces, pallets), scheduled pick-up date, and delivery date and time.

Easy for Drivers

The PeopleNet interface enables drivers to send and receive information such as their actual arrival time, actual departure time, bill of lading number, actual goods, actual quantities (weight, pallet, pieces), trailer number, and more.

ABECAS Insight/PeopleNet Integration Delivers…

  • GPS tracking
  • Automatic load updates
  • Seamless two-way driver/dispatcher communication

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