The ABECAS Insight Greenhouse and Nursery Management Software is an enterprise-level system that provides full operations, management, and accounting software for wholesale horticultural and floricultural businesses. It is particularly suited for all types of growers from wholesale to re-wholesale, from landscaper supply nurseries to greenhouses. Being modular and configurable, the system is built to meet your unique business requirements.

Initially, most growers begin with an integrated suite that includes sales/order management, purchasing, and inventory management software. These are completely integrated and ready to add sophisticated production management software. All are tied together with the financial, cost, and fund accounting software associated with all aspects of your business. Our core accounting software is strong on business rules with the flexible reporting, management, analytical tools, and dashboards required by progressive and demanding managers.

Sales Orders can be taken as quotes or orders, confirmed, picked, and invoiced. At the same time, commissions and payables against sales can be generated and deliveries managed. Drop shipments, consignment sales, specialized pricing, freight, royalties, EDI with trading partners, web access, handhelds, and other features are available add-ons.

Purchasing can be managed through requisitions or directly as purchase orders with receipts immediately updating inventory availability and cost.

Inventory Management provides product availability at an item or lot level with quantities updated based on the transactions. Lots allow you to track by ready date, planting batch, plant source, size, and other defining attributes.

Production Management software allows you to manage the production process from planning through production into “ready” inventory.

ABECAS Core Financial System system includes Receivables and Payables along with General Ledger and Cost Accounting software.

Payroll software is useful in collecting and allocating labor and equipment costs.

Larger facilities may also benefit from the Farm and Equipment Management module.

Typically, ABECAS™ Insight Software is implemented on an incremental basis. This allows the initial modules to be set up and implemented to the needs of your business before moving onto the next modules. From a resource and risk perspective, this spreads out the process and can be more manageable if you have limited staff. In addition, this gives more time to review your business processes and to re-engineer them for improved performance.

Nurseries and greenhouses deal with unique production, sales, and distribution requirements. These require software tailored to your industry with implementation and ongoing support by knowledgeable specialists. Count on Argos’ Greenhouse and Nursery Management Software to meet these requirements.

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