The Farm and Equipment Management (FE) module in ABECAS Insight provides all the tools for full operations and accounting management for larger and more complex farm operations, including:

  • Row, field, tree, and specialty crops
  • Livestock and ranching
  • Poultry
  • Fish farms

The center of the system is Activity Based Costing (ABC), which allows all costs and revenue to be allocated to a cost center (or job), such as a field, crop, or lot, by the activity involved. You can quickly and easily see what activities make up an expense or revenue account and which accounts are involved.

In addition, the FE module is a robust maintenance application that allows you to enter repair orders, labor, fuel, sublet work orders, schedule preventative maintenance, inspections, license and other renewals, track vehicle and part warranties, and generate TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) reports. Equipment usage associated with employees can be entered and allocated along with production or performance information. With this powerful module, you can take control of all your farm or ranch equipment.

In farming, labor and equipment make up a large share of costs. The ABECAS Insight Payroll module allows labor hours and/or pieces to be entered for all employees by cost center, account, and activity. This can be by individual or by crew. The module calculates everything related to payroll:

  • Overtime
  • Bonus pay
  • Minimum wages
  • All employee deductions and reimbursements
  • Employer contributions
  • Employee accruals (vacation, sick leave, other)

It can also be used to transfer payroll amounts to an outside payroll service if desired.

Ranch and Animal Operations
In ranch and animal operations, the animals, feed, and professional services often make up a large share of costs. Allocate costs in real-time from your supplies inventory. Use the Payroll module to allocate related labor and equipment costs.

Additional modules can be included as part of our Ranch and Farm Management Software, including:

  • Production Management (PM) software is a valuable resource for understanding operations and researching variations in performance.
  • Purchase Orders and Inventory Management can be used to track supplies, orders, and the allocation of supplies.
  • Human Resources can be used to track applicants, the hiring process, training, drug testing, medicals, violations, accidents, and more.
  • Order Management (OM) module handles all things related to sales.

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