The 3PL Warehouse Management (WMS) module in ABECAS Insight is a full-featured public warehousing inventory manager and billing application, ideally suited to third-party logistics (3PL) providers.

With the Warehouse Management module, you can manage inventory in up to four levels of detail, track inventory by location, record location changes, inventory adjustments, and generate count cycle information. Billing can be based on inventory units, pallets, volume, or area, and issued immediately or delayed.

Transactions and Storage Billing is an integral component of ABECAS Insight by Argos Software. These charges are the key differentiator between the public and private warehouse sectors. While meeting the inventory and cost management requirements common to all warehouses, ABECAS Insight’s WMS has the additional functionality required by your 3PL at its core.

  • Transaction charges are as variable as your customers. Whether your 3PL warehouse charges for common items such as in-and-out transactions or for complex value-add tasks like assembly and kitting, with Argos Software WMS you have the capability to bill accurately for those services.
  • A two-level deep BOM (Bill of Materials) supports kitting and assembly, handling both the Inventory Management and charging impacts with minimal entry requirements.
  • Storage charges can also be addressed in any way the customer requires, with Bill Ahead, Bill Behind, Free Days, Grace Periods, and unique requirements handled easily. If you wish to charge the customer by a combination of area, item, and location-driven calculations, then the Warehouse Management solution with ABECAS Insight has the functionality you need.

With a fully integrated accounting software module, ABECAS Insight will ensure that charges are captured automatically and transferred to the AR component without the need for re-keying. The software can also present data for import into your business software (or your customer’s) should you choose to use external systems for these functions.

Cost Accounting is also a critical component of operating profitably as a 3PL. Activity-Based Costing is included in the ABECAS Insight Core system that is included with the 3PL Warehouse Management module.

Whether you are in the distribution, temperature-controlled, hazardous materials, or value-added service provider space, ABECAS Insight’s WMS is the right solution for your 3PL operation.

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