ABECAS Insight’s Production Management (PM) agribusiness software is designed specifically for the green grower industry. This production management software includes integrated accounting software, sales planning, and production planning. It provides visibility of future inventory based on your planned growing processes and inputs. It also provides both the planned usages of input items and the planned completion of the finished item. These planned inputs and outputs are integrated and are visible to your sales representatives.

Nursery Plant Production

The plant production process may be initiated from a sales order or a sales plan may be prepared using actual sales from previous periods. The production planning process may also use prior period plans as the basis for future planning. Once the production plan is finalized then the plan may be released to production.

Production Planning Data Analysis

Greenhouse growers and nurseries need production planning capabilities. Random data collection processes and an ability to analyze data are included. This allows collection of data about plant characteristics and then determining the characteristics for the sample production group. The process determines the number of samples, the production unit size and the characteristics to be measured. The system then identifies the number of required data samples and from where those samples should be taken. In addition, planned-versus-actual production reporting is accomplished so that comparisons can be made of planned-versus-actual production. The more you use the system, the more accurate are your forecasts.

Nursery Growing Processes

Growing steps (stages) are user-defined and include the amount of time necessary, inputs that are required, and when outputs are planned to be completed. There is flexible reporting using a .net grid and pivot table to be able to refine data. As production stages are completed the actual losses are compared to planned losses. Both production planning and plan execution are fully integrated and work in conjunction with sales inventory management so complete real-time inventory is maintained, including future inventory. Reporting and analysis of capacity usage is an integral part of the growing process.

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