Argos Software’s proven and regularly enhanced Trucking and Freight Management software has been a boon to trucking companies and freight haulers since 1984.

Our focus has been “for hire” carriers, contract carriers, and freight brokers serving customers locally, for long-haul shipping, or both. Our wide range of users includes truckload, LTL, container, refrigerated, agricultural, tanker, bulk, pneumatic, dump, auto, truck, messenger, delivery, specialized/heavy haulers, riggers, contract carriers, freight forwarders, and freight brokers.

Many users take advantage of the integrated nature of Argos Software’s trucking and freight management software with ABECAS Insight and use most of our trucking-related modules, including dispatching, billing, rating, driver/contractor/carrier settlements, receivables, payables, accounting software, payroll, equipment and facilities management, parts inventory, fuel taxes, and warehouse management software. Some even take advantage of the Activity Based Costing built into ABECAS Insight. Others primarily use our TMS software for its billing, settlements, and receivables capability. The use of dispatching is not required.

Argos Software’s Trucking and Freight Management System in ABECAS Insight is tailored to meet the needs of trucking company operators, regardless of type.

The built-in capabilities include:

  • Order entry
  • Dispatching
  • Resource (truck, trailer, and driver) tracking
  • Messaging
  • Trip building and control
  • Freight rating and billing
  • Settlements processing for drivers/contractors/outside carriers

The freight billing allows multiple charges to be automatically displayed, with automatic rating, if required. Interfaces are available for ALK´s PC-Miler™ and Rand McNally´s MileMaker™, for onboard computers, such as Qualcomm and Peoplenet, and for fuel cards, such as Comdata, T-Check, EFS, and TCH. EDI and web interfaces are also available. With our communications software, you can fax, e-mail, and send/receive EDI documents.

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