Our Dashboard tool allows you to select/design the information you want to see at a quick glance. Imagine being able to combine financial and/or operational data into one, real-time, screen of information! Choose from our wide selection of business views, or design your own.

This will now give you the ability to create a “Snap Shot” by combining financial and operational data at the snap of your finger.

  • Enable better alignment of operations with the strategic company direction;
  • Maximize business performance by quickly viewing metrics and statistics on key performance measures and data integrity views;
  • Minimize business risks by identifying issues before they become problems with quick views of the system;
  • Unify and analyze data from multiple sources across the enterprise giving a single point to view;
  • Display multiple data sources dynamically with updates constantly refreshing;
  • Active Directory user authentication.

Want to learn more about what features you should be looking for in your dashboard?

Download our 5 Dashboard Must-Haves infographic below.