Find the Right Fit

Many warehouse management systems say they work for 3PL providers. But, it’s simply not enough for a system to support inventory management and order processing.

True third-party logistics software should have much more!

For example, your 3PL likely has unique billing needs. In addition, you might be adding value to products you do not own.

money-saving ideas from real-time insightsThat activity needs to be captured and charges created in your system.

It’s likely your reporting needs are also very different. And you’ll have different requirements to capture and display key performance indicators (KPIs) that are relevant to your 3PL customers. 

ABECAS Insight is Better 3PL Software

If you are looking at software for your logistics operation, take a closer look at what Argos Software’s ABECAS Insight can offer:

  • Transactions and Storage Billing is an integral component of ABECAS Insight by Argos Software. These charges are a key differentiator between the Public and Private Warehouse sectors. ABECAS Insight was designed from the start to have this critical functionality for 3PLs. Not as a bolt-on feature, but as part of the core software. And of course it includes the inventory and cost management features common to all warehouse operations.
  • Transaction charges are as variable as your customers. Whether your 3PL warehouse charges for common items such as In and Out transactions or for complex Value Added tasks like assembly and kitting, you need to bill easily and accurately for your services. Argos has what you need.
  • A two-level deep BOM (Bill Of Material) in ABECAS Insight supports kitting and assembly. Count on Argos to help you manage inventory and how inventory charges impact your bottom line. Minimal data entry is needed by staff.
  • Storage Charges are handled however you and your customers need them. Choose Bill Ahead, Bill Behind, Free Days, Grace Periods, and more unique options. With ABECAS Insight, you can even charge the customer using a combination of area, item, and location-driven calculations. Argos Software has the functionality you need to run your business profitably.

The Financial System Public Warehouses Need

  • Fully integrated accounting software, ABECAS Insight ensures that charges are captured automatically and transferred to the accounts receivable (AR) component. No need for (error-prone) re-keying! ABECAS Insight can also package your data, making it easy to import into another software program (or your customer’s) if you choose to use a different accounting system.
  • Cost Accounting is a key component of operating profitably as a 3PL. Activity-based costing is in our name! ABECAS stands for Activity-Based Enterprise Cost Accounting System. It will help you see exactly where your business is more (and less) profitable. This real-time tool means you can make adjustments any time, not just once in a while.
  • Modules for Payroll, HR, and more are all part of the ABECAS Insight system. With our flexible software, you only add the features you need when you need them.

Whether you are a general distribution 3PL, Temperature Controlled, Hazardous Materials, or Value-Added Service Provider, ABECAS Insight is the right solution for your 3PL operation.

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