Equipment & Facilities

Equipment and Facilities Management modules address the maintenance tasks associated with owning, leasing or operating plant and machinery for asset based businesses or a repair shop. Using time or meter triggers preventative maintenance schedules can be maintained, work orders generated for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and repair history and warranty tracked. EF manages schedules, resources, costs and invoicing, with robust reporting and complete integration to both accounting and payroll systems. 

Distribution Management System



A detailed register of equipment & facilities, including ownership, physical attributes, location, cost, charge out, warranties, meters.
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Multi-level PM schedules based on time or usage rules. Creates maintenance requests with checklists for work to be performed.
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Manages all maintenance & repairs through work orders. Tracks parts, labor, equipment & sublet work. Bills company or outside customer.
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Tracks all revenue & expenses by Asset ID based on accounting entries. Includes depreciation, charge out revenue, reporting based on usage.
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Uses fuel purchases and mileage by state & province to generate IFTA reports, includes taxes paid and to be paid.
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