Expense Tracking

Tracks all revenue & expenses by Asset ID based on accounting entries.

Historical Details on each asset are accumulated from multiple cost sources, including repair shop maintenance costs, accounts payable expense tracking, non-repair shop inventory usage, and fuel usage. Revenue is accumulated from equipment and facilities charged-out, either periodically or as used, and from other sources. Costs may be broken into definable categories, such as fuel, other operating costs, normal maintenance, repairs due to outside factors, fixed costs, and so on.

Reporting options are extensive and serve to support your equipment and facilities management requirements. This includes reports based on equipment usage, such as cost per mile for trucks and trailers, time, such as cost per definable period and life to date, and asset. Reports can be customized. In addition, various ad hoc reports exist where you can define the layout and content. All reports can be viewed, printed, faxed, emailed or saved to disk.

Equipment and Facilities Management modules address the maintenance tasks associated with owning, leasing or operating plant and machinery for asset based businesses or a repair shop. Using time or meter triggers preventative maintenance schedules can be maintained, work orders generated for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and repair history and warranty tracked. EF manages schedules, resources, costs and invoicing, with robust reporting and complete integration to both accounting and payroll systems.