Fuel & Mileage Taxes

Uses fuel purchases and mileage by state & province to generate IFTA reports, includes taxes paid and to be paid.

The Fuel & Mileage Taxes option of the Equipment and Facilities module allows you to track all fuel purchased and consumed by each vehicle, along with mileage, that are required for reporting IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) taxes. Fuel may be purchased with or without taxes being paid at the time of purchase.

Mileage can be tracked by state through the Freight Management system based on trips. The miles may be generated automatically using PC Miler or Rand McNally Mile Maker, or they may come from an on-board recording device, or manually tracked.

IFTA taxes paid and due are calculated based on the fuel and distance information tracked for each vehicle by date. The rates and tax basis for each state is maintained in the system and is easily updatable. The end result is a report for reporting your IFTA tax liability.

Additional benefits result from this information, such as fuel consumption per vehicle, fuel costs per vehicle and mileage information by state. This allows you to analyze the relative cost effectiveness of your fleet in terms of fuel usage and assists in making repair or replace decisions.