New Technology Defines a Modern Warehouse

Modern warehouses have one thing in common – new technology integrations. Automatic and computerized operations give people, information networks, and machinery the ability to work together to produce, pick, package, and ship products without hassle. This level of efficiency can be realized through adopting state-of-the-art warehouse technology into business operations, such as top-tier warehouse and inventory management software, wearable and mobile tech, RFID, and, in some cases, robotic equipment. 

It all starts with utilizing advanced warehouse and inventory management software as part of your daily operations. 3PL facilities can realize increased capabilities through real-time inventory access, embedded cost accounting, detailed, automated reports, and variable logistics scheduling from advanced management software. Choosing warehouse management software that can work with any previously-established system API offers even more benefits. With all operational system components working together, daily business becomes much easier and more cost-effective.

The latest innovations in wearable and mobile technology have also been adopted by modern warehouses and producers to keep operations running seamlessly. Employees can locate, pick, pack, and ship products with ease because these technologies work directly with their system software, improving efficiency. A recent Inbound Logistics report noted that 44% of respondents to a 2019 study by warehouse technology provider Zebra are using wearable tech, and over 90% expect to adopt wearable mobile computers by 2028. Modern warehouses and producers who adopt these innovative technologies along with RF, RFID, voice picking, and sensor and auto-identification scanning can provide a competitive edge for their business.

Robots in the Warehouse

Robotics automation is becoming more widespread than ever in the supply chain industry. From inventory movement throughout a facility by automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to computerized picking and packaging, automated robots additions are growing.

There was a large surge of computerized automation most recently. This is attributed to pandemic health and safety guidelines that required workers to be no less than six feet apart, followed by employee shortages from The Great Resignation. Supply Chain Dive stated that the Association for Advancing Automation (A3) reported North American industrial robot orders set a new record in 2021 with 39,708 units ordered, up 14% from its last highest point in 2017.

“More industries recognized that robotics could help reverse productivity declines and fill repetitive jobs human workers don’t want,” said Jeff Burnstein, president of A3, in a statement. “It is no longer a choice whether to deploy robots and automation. It’s now an absolute imperative.”

Is your facility considering robotics automation or have you already incorporated modern warehouse technologies? Tell us about it!

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