inventory_managementInventory Management Software is a core function of the ABECAS Insight WMS. Tracking product from pre-receipt to shipment is a vital component of the warehouse operation and the software is designed to facilitate that task. Inventory management software must provide location control, product status and visibility to customers while supporting sublot or serial number traceability, both real time and for historical review.

  • Location management, utilizing either RF technology or paper based controls is handled in a ‘enter least’ manner. This can mean a ‘never enter’ EDI driven receipt and RF putaway or an ‘enter once’ paper process, either way the software will deliver accuracy and labor saving efficiency. The Software supports location numbering the way the user prefers to configure it and allows pick-paths independent of the location sequencing to support straight line, ‘U’ picks or whatever sequencing makes
  • Replenishment is handled at the primary location or order wave levels, allowing replenishment activity that coincides with demand, without risking overstocking of slots or stock-outs during the pick task.
  • Picking can be done discretely, by batch, zone or multiple discrete order methods or any combination of methods from either static or floating pick slots. Slow moving items can be batch picked to clean from reserve locations without requiring valuable primary pick real estate
  • Order Management using FIFO (First In First Out), LIFO (Last In First Out), FEFO (First Expiry First Out) or Specified Lot order fulfillment are all catered for. Product status is maintained at the Future, Pending, Available, Committed and Unavailable (Quarantine, Reserved, Damaged etc) level and tracking is at the Lot, Sub-Lot, Serial Number or Unit level with relationships established between Pallets, Shippers, Inners and Items.
  • Physical Inventory Integrity Management using cycle counting (location range and/or product driven) or full stock takes is also handled by the system in the way you need it done, from visible verification (location, product and quantity displayed for confirmation) to blind or double blind counts.

Inventory management is essential to efficient warehouse management.

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