The General Ledger Software module provides standard financial accounting reports based on the Account and Department information in the Accounting module. The reports available include the Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and Income Statement in a variety of formats covering a range of periods as well as the detail behind each account for each Fiscal Period. These reports are available on both an accrual- and cash-basis. Cash Flow and Change in Financial Condition Statements can be user defined with the AC Accounting Summary Report Generator.

The Fiscal Year can start at any time and contain 12 or 13 Fiscal Periods with calendar or user defined periods.  The Accounts can be defined to any level of detail with pre-defined groupings with totals, sub-totals and net amounts. Within these groups, you can have groupings of Accounts by type or category. The financial reports can then be displayed at the detailed or summary Account level. The Departments can be defined based on your business and decision making requirements. Reports are available consolidated or by one or groups of Departments.

This module integrates with all ABECAS™ Insight modules to provide the financial decision making basis for your company.  The details are accumulated in the Accounting Software module from both internal and external sources. This includes the accounting information associated with every ABECAS™ Insight transaction whether from keyboard entries, imported data or handheld devices. Accounting details may also be updated from external sources. Journal entries are made in the Accounting Software module, including repeating and reversing entries. The Fiscal Period associated with each entry defaults from the Transaction Date but is then controlled by your definition of open periods, both past and future.


  • Trial Balance with Drill Down Capabilities
  • Trial Balance for one or all Fiscal Periods in a Fiscal Year
  • Multiple standard Balance Sheet reports including one, two, three, and all Fiscal Periods as balances or changes with or without percentages. Multi-year comparisons.
  • Multiple standard Income Statement reports including a definable current period, Year to Date and multiple Fiscal Periods with or without budgets and percentages. Multi-year comparisons
  • Definable reporting periods, accrual- or cash-basis, level of detail, rounding, Departments to include, Company level Consolidation
  • Ratio Analyses based on Account ranges defined by you
  • Fiscal Period account detail for any range of Accounts and periods
  • Budgeting at any level of detail, including by Fiscal Period
  • Email, fax or print reports automatically through Task Agent or manually
  • Deterring fraud with an audit trail that tracks changes by User IDs
  • Ad hoc reporting with ASCII/Excel® file export