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  • “It is a joy to work with the Argos team and speaking as a non-IT professional, I have to say I LOVE Abecas as it is user friendly and even this Polish gal can figure it out! Great product and company. Thanks again.”
    Chris Mushinsky, VP End-to End Marketing Solutions,
    Warwick Fulfillment Solutions – www.warwickfulfillment.com
    ABECAS Insight modules
  • “From a grower’s point of view, using Abecas Insight has helped immensely. It helped us decrease our waste because we can manage our inventory much easier. It’s been a huge labor savings not only with office staff but with production management .”
    Tim Jonas, Chief Financial Officer,
    Mc Kay Nursery Company
  • “Ohio Logistics has been using ABECAS Insight for 8 years to increase efficiency and better understand what is happening at each warehouse. We are using many aspects of the system and always looking for new ways to get valuable data. Ohio logistics’ industry knowledge & Argos Software’s expertise work together quite well. We have been able to develop creative solutions to address our customers’ needs. “
    Marci Stahl, IT Coordinator,
    Ohio Logistics – www.ohiologistics.com
  • “We’ve always felt that Argos has been a loyal and knowledgeable partner
    in providing an ERP solution that molds and grows according to our needs. Attending
    the 2010 User Conference in October allowed us to see that many others feel the same,
    and that Argos continues to listen to its clients and innovate and improve
    the product for them.”

    Mark Dietz, IT Manager,
    Fall Creek Farm & Nursery Inc.
  • “The reporting and business analysis tools are very robust.”
    Barry Russell, IT Manager,
    Klupengers Nursery
  • “Abecas Insight has given us the competitive edge in our market. Dealing with multiple
    large manufacturer’s in a “Just In Time” environment has its challenges, Abecas
    Insight has satisfied all the requirements for the global suppliers and customers, giving
    real time visibility of inventory and data.”

    Kevin L. Heefner, General Manager – Warehousing and Distribution,
    Gabler Trucking Inc.


  • “Implementating systems is always a stressful part but I was happy with our experience.
    It went smoothly with a very supportive Tech staff so I would implement again with Argos Software.”

    Bill Cavanaugh, Vice President of Operations,
    The Terminal Corporation


  • “Continental Terminals wants to take this time to thank all of your support
    staff for always assisting and going beyond the call of duty. Every time we call
    support, the staff is always courteous, professional and willing to go the extra
    mile to diagnose the problem. Recently I have had to call more often during our
    server migrations and everyone in the Argos team provided exceptional support.
    We are very happy with the service and thank you for your continued support.”

    Roland Marrero, IT Manager,
    Continental Terminals