The ABECAS™ Insight Nursery Management Software will grow as your business grows.

floriculture_managementFor floriculture growers and wholesalers, using an integrated nursery management software that handles all aspects of the business is a requirement to create efficient and effective operations. This begins with planning the availability of product over specific time windows, whether from internal production or from outside growers. Planning for special holidays is critical to financial success.

Receiving product into inventory with minimal effort, proper labeling, and tracking costs are important in managing your inventory. The use of mobile scanning devices can simplify this process. Tracking landed costs by product may also be important, particularly for pricing purposes where costs and margins drive pricing.

Order taking requires up-to-the-minute inventory availability, perhaps even by the salesperson. Mixes and substitutions are part of the sales process that must be managed. Product needs to be pulled efficiently to fulfill orders in a timely way. Confirming that shipments are correct can be simplified by the use of mobile scanning devices.

Where customers can select product on-site, a point of sale system is required to quickly expedite their check-out. This may be coupled with orders that are pre-booked and pre-pulled ready for pickup.

Where deliveries are required, managing the delivery process can be burdensome. This requires the assignment of deliveries to routes and equipment to meet the specified delivery time windows.

The ABECAS Insight Floriculture System provides a comprehensive and user friendly nursery management software that can be configured to your needs. It will grow as your business grows, including managing production, purchasing, sales, shipping and deliveries, receivables and collections, EDI, royalties, payroll, and automation. The system is built on an accounting base and allows you to track costs by activity … or, it can integrate with your existing accounting software.