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ABECAS Insight provides a rich reporting environment that meets even the most demanding information needs. Whether you need ‘scanned’ reports, configured reports, analysis reports or ad hoc reports, ABECAS Insight delivers.

With over 1,200 ABECAS standard reports to choose from your data can be presented your way. All of those reports can be modified by an Administrator, or configured by a user and saved for future use. Using the powerful, embedded reporting engine, Report Builder® by Digital Metaphors, for drag and drop report and form design allows the user to take control of their information needs.

  • Need barcodes as a component of your reports or forms? No problem, scannable documents, rack labels and product labels can all be generated, automatically, from ABECAS Insight.
  • Report based Argos Dashboards, viewable from a client or via a web page, complete the information picture.
  • Generating reports that present data your way is one half of the picture, getting these reports to the right person, in the right way, at the right time, is also important. ABECAS Insight reports can be printed, emailed or exported as Excel compatible files, either manually or as automated tasks generated by time or data event triggers. With many reports available directly from our security enabled Web modules, customers and on-the-road employees can access their own information, on demand and in real time.


Our newly released Dashboard tool allows you to select/design the information you want to see at a quick glance. Imagine being able to combine financial and/or operational data into one, real-time, screen of information! Choose from our wide selection of business views, or design your own.

This will now give you the ability to create a “Snap Shot” by combining financial and operational data at the snap of your finger.

  • Enable better alignment of operations with the strategic company direction;
  • Maximize business performance by quickly viewing metrics and statistics on key performance measures and data integrity views;
  • Minimize business risks by identifying issues before they become problems with quick views of the system;
  • Unify and analyze data from multiple sources across the enterprise giving a single point to view;
  • Display multiple data sources dynamically with updates constantly refreshing;
  • Active Directory user authentication.

Want to learn more about what features you should be looking for in your dashboard?

Download our 5 Dashboard Must-Haves infographic below.

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