The Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Software modules are both full featured open systems. In these two modules, you can enter transactions received from other ABECAS™ Insight modules or imported from outside. Statements may be printed, emailed or faxed, either automatically or manually. A dashboard can display critical details.

The Accounts Receivable module allows you to manage your open items, receive payments, make adjustments, create credits, generate finance charges, project cash receipts, and maintain collection records.

The Accounts Payable module allows you to manage your open items, make payments either by check or electronically, take discounts, make adjustments, project cash requirements, and maintain a vendor history.


  • Manages the receivables payables from all ABECAS™ Insight modules as open items
  • Management screens that display linked information (open items, historical transactions..) and provide drill down capability, including to the source transaction
  • Tracks deposits paid against orders and updates the bank and accounting records
  • Applies payments to open items as cash, discounts and adjustments
  • Customer/Vendor account information includes terms, payment method and stub details, 1099 and credit control
  • Generates finance charges based on terms, including grace days
  • Statements based on amounts owed with option to include payments for period
  • Collections Management with color coded alerts and follow-up activity
  • Sales Tax/VAT/GST reporting by tax authority covering all modules
  • Purchase Order invoices are turned into Payable open item once approved
  • Auto distribution of expenses by amount or percentage
  • Auto or manual selection of open items for payment, including discounts
  • Checks may be immediate, manual or batched. Or paid electronically
  • Flexible reporting including aging, cash requirements, vendor recap, history, payment, sales, reconciliation, and collection.
  • Mailing labels based on criteria as specified by you
  • Ad hoc reporting with ASCII/Excel® file export