Schedule Dock Activity to Help Keep Essential Warehouse Workers Safe

Warehousing and transportation companies are essential businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak. But activity at the dock doors can put workers and facilities at risk. A tool that enables you and your carriers to book dock appointments in real time reduces congestion and helps keep everyone on schedule.

The loading dock is both critical and vulnerable, since dock workers must interact with truck drivers and their cargo. Instead of having drivers arrive and hang around your facility, you can give your customers and carriers the ability to reserve loading dock times to avoid overbooking.

ABECAS Insight’s Dock Door Management module provides two-way communication so you can alert your carriers and customers of any changes, and they can do the same.  If drivers are running early or late, for example, they can check the dock door scheduling app on a smartphone or tablet to see if a different time slot is available.

As the warehouse manager, you see a full dashboard of all the scheduled appointments made by carriers and customers. You can easily reschedule appointments, change dock door assignments, and have notifications sent automatically with any changes. Powerful data tools let you easily search, filter and generate reports.

Convenience for Your Customers

Customers will use the Dock Door Management module to let you know when they want to deliver goods to your warehouse. The application displays available times for their drop-off based on your operating hours, holiday schedule, lunch and break schedules, etc.

Because it is integrated with the Argos ABECAS warehouse management system (WMS), users won’t be able to book times that are not available on your schedule.

When a customer selects their date and time to deliver a shipment, the module assigns a dock door based on how many doors you plan to have open and how many crews you have working that day. If two people choose the same time it will assign different doors to each, if available, or suggest another time that will allow for both shipments.

Successful reservations are added to the master calendar. Confirmations, as well as notifications of any future changes or adjustments, can be sent automatically.

Convenience for Your Carriers

Your carriers can also log in to the Dock Door Management module to see their transactions and scheduled dock appointments. Each carrier will only be able to see transactions where they are the carrier, so there won’t be any confusion with other carriers.

Like the customer portal, carriers can reschedule appointments if shipments get off track during transport, and they can choose a new time from available time slots. The application might re-assign them to a different dock door if the time is changed, and such notifications can be sent automatically.

In addition to having a clear and organized dock schedule, assigning dock doors in advance and providing real-time updates avoids confusion and reduces the need for person-to-person interactions. This is, of course, of utmost importance as we all work hard to minimize physical contact and limit the transmission of the novel COVID-19 virus.

If you would like more information on the module, or other ABECAS Insight WMS features from Argos Software, please contact us. We’re working from home and ready to assist you.

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