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Texas Cities Top Hottest New Industrial Real Estate Markets for Warehousing

Warehousing market is booming in Texas. Find out why warehouse real estate in Texas is in demand on the latest Argos Software blog.

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Walmart, Pepsico: 2 Top Supply Chain Management

Annual report shows top supply chain management companies

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Growing Warehouse Distribution Development is Justified Due to Demand, Says Report

Warehouse and distribution space is expanding rapidly in the U.S. due to strong demand, according to CBRE Group report

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NextGen Technologies Expected to Dominate Supply Chain in Five Years

Five innovations — robotics/automation, predictive analytics, the Internet of Things, AI, and driverless vehicles and drones — will have the greatest impact in how products will move through the supply chain in the future.

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Drones in Agribusiness: Giving Farmers Real-time Data Whenever They Need It

Farmers are starting to use drones in their fields to transmit information back to the greenhouse. Read the Argos Software Blog.

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Amazon’s Business Model is Setting a New Precedent for the Supply Chain

In recent years, Amazon has upped their game up with how they’re challenging the logistics industry. Their recent success is due to supply chain management.

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The Forests and the Trees: IT Vendor Meeting at Weyerhaeuser

Argos meets at Client, Weyerhaeuser

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Building a New Warehouse? Here’s How to Streamline it for the Future

Are you building a facility from scratch? What things must you consider when working in the initial planning and site selection stages?

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When to get that new WMS system? Only when you know you’re ready

You may understand the benefits of a WMS system and figure the right one is in your company’s future. But when is the right time to make that move?