Electronic Signature Capture Keeps Workers Safer with Less Contact

As we continue to learn more about how the novel coronavirus spreads and how long it survives on different surfaces, companies are looking for ways to go contactless.

We recently worked with an ABECAS Insight customer to give them a quick way to keep their office staff safe by enabling the use of eSignatures.

This very quick project involved the use of an electronic signature capture pad.

The signature pad replaces the need for physically signing orders or receipts − so that employees do not have to exchange paperwork with truck drivers or customers picking up orders.

This mostly contactless solution can be put to work for your business right now. Electronic signature capture pads are available from most electronics resellers, ranging from just under $100 on the low end to over $400 on the high end.

Another option is to offer a customer portal or app for transactions. Depending on your needs and preferences, you could allow customers to check inventory, order, review and approve their orders, and pay online. It’s another automated and customer-friendly solution to help you grow your business.

Interested in eSignature capture, customer portals or other ways to be efficient and safe during this crisis? Contact Argos Software to see how we can help your business.

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