Dashboard Insights Deliver Business Intelligence

Dashboards are an effective way to monitor your business and see trends at a glance that might otherwise take you months to notice. We’re presenting a free customer webinar on building and using dashboards effectively on Thursday, March 18th. Learn how to create dashboards and see examples of dashboard charts, tables, gauges, and other graphical reports that have helped other Argos customers.

The webinar will review examples of informational, operational, tactical, and strategic reports that can be added to your Argos dashboard. You’ll also learn some of the ways companies can focus or limit dashboard views of company data to specific people or departments, clone and create additional business intelligence dashboards, and make the most of the real-time information with several dashboard sharing options.

Argos Software offers a number of business intelligence tools including modules for creating effective dashboards and advanced reporting.

To register for the upcoming customer webinar, or to learn more about Argos Software’s business intelligence offerings for ABECAS Insight, please contact your Argos representative.

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