Specialized Software for Field Service, Contractors, and Utility Companies

Companies that perform routine or ad hoc service to customers, as well as utility companies, have unique needs not often accommodated by off-the-shelf software.

Customizing standard software is one option, but the more you customize the more difficult it will be to update your software in the future with new features and apps. A better option is software designed for — and with — service companies.

The Service Management solution from Argos Software is a powerful and flexible tool for managing service-related activities from receiving, assigning, and managing service requests to the billing associated with these services.  This billing may be based on services provided, measured usage of services, and/or fixed periodic charges.  It integrates with the rest of ABECAS Insight so you can easily manage your customers, suppliers, workers, financials, reporting, and handheld devices within the same flexible software.

The Service Management Software module seamlessly serves two broad industry segments:

  • Service Providers where services are performed based on a routine schedule or based on ad hoc requests.  These services are often covered under a service agreement where there is periodic billing.  Or, they may be billed as services are rendered.  This is well suited to all service providers from landscapers and companies servicing equipment … to companies supporting their customers from a call center.
  • Utilities where the billing for measured services is required along with the ability to service customers.  This is particularly well suited to both domestic and irrigation water companies and electric and gas companies where meters are used to measure consumption. Billing rates may be tiered based on usage where different rates apply to each tier.  For irrigation companies, flow rates may be converted to usage and billed.