ABECAS Insight Software

ABECAS Insight Software

ABECAS Insight is the Integrated Enterprise Management System from Argos Software. The system is highly flexible as it consists of a number of modules that can be used in the right combination to support your business needs. ABECAS Insight is ideal for small- to mid-sized companies or divisions of larger ones that are data- and transaction-driven, requiring strong financial tools.

Since all business transactions have an accounting effect, the heart of ABECAS Insight is a full-featured, financial accounting system that gives you the power to better understand and manage your business and track costs.  ABECAS Insight supports both accruals- and cash-basis general ledger (GL) reporting, activity-based costing, tax reporting, customer sales analysis, and more. Even if you are using a different system for your accounting, ABECAS will provide valuable insights as well as make it easy to transfer data to your system of record, either manually or automatically.

Read more about the options of  Cost Accounting and Fund Accounting in ABECAS, and why an integrated accounting system is the answer to boost your business productivity.

ABECAS Insight modules

Financial Modules

Equipment & Facilities Modules

Additional modules are regularly added and existing ones updated to provide continuous support for groups of customers and their changing needs.

For this reason, a number of industry-specific modules have been developed.

Industries with Custom Modules

Want to know what we have for your business needs? Contact us and we can develop a software demo specific to your type of business and your requirements.

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